Exciting new initiatives, now also in Aarhus. Maybe you can use it?
The following text is taken from their website: The Human Library

“The Human Library is a place where you can borrow people who represent groups in society, which frequently face prejudice, stigma or discrimination because of their beliefs, lifestyle, disability, social status, sexuality, employment or ethnic origin.

The Human Library is also an association where we work to promote tolerance and understanding of diversity with a focus on society’s most vulnerable groups. We do this, among other things, by creating a dialog room where difficult subjects and issues can be discussed openly without condemnation. A place where people who would otherwise never meet and talk together, can find a place for conversation. An opportunity to challenge their prejudices. Find out if it is in fact the way you thouhght it is.

Our arrangements are assigned to any type of educational institutions, public libraries, and also organizations, private companies and major public events, including The Human Library.

All books published by the The Human Library Association are published voluntarily and are unpaid. Loans of books from the library is always free and library cards are issued by the librarian at the counter.

We look forward to meeting you.

Secretariat and address:
The association Living Library
World Culture Center
Nørrealle 7, 2nd floor tv.
DK-2200 Copenhagen N. “